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A Purposeful Guide to Nurture and Grow Perspective

The physical Become Program contains perspective, philosophy, guidance, and resources to discover elements that build our perception and allow us to perceive more meaning in life. (85 pages)

Online Video Series

55+ videos to help guide you through your journey, enhance the depth in your process, and embody more of your development.

Connect with a Strong and Supportive Online Community

Feel supported on your journey of deeper development by people who are genuinely pushing the boundaries on what it means to be loving, caring, and expansive human beings.

Journal Prompts, Guided Meditations, and Quests

25+ Journal Prompts to help you empty your internal cup and allow more perspective to flow through you.

30+ Guided Meditations designed to help you embody the concepts you have learned and journaled about through this process.

30+ Quests to help you bring the concepts you have felt through journaling and meditation into the world around you through purposeful action.

Guest Speakers

Learn from world class practitioners from all walks of life, including health coaches, authors, and business professionals, who magnify the meaning of concepts within the program, serve as additional resources, and enhance your overall experience.

Additional Health Resources

Amplify your journey with additional content, such as exercise routines and explainer videos to help you implement more mindfulness into your daily practices.

The 7 Phases of Become

  1. Compass: Align your compass for the being you wish to become and a journey of wholesome development
  2. Foundation: Genuinely comprehend your current foundation and build one able to hold your evolution
  3. Environment: Perceive how your internal and external environments deeply influence each other
  4. Emotions: Welcome your emotions to build more care, presence, and feel more wholesome in who you are
  5. Purpose: Move with more purpose, intention, and alignment through the moments in your life
  6. Intuition: Build a better relationship with your intuition and internal compass
  7. Integration: Deeply embody your insights and share your medicine with the world

Become Testimonials

Take an inside look into what members are experiencing through this program and community.

Become A Member

Amy Watts

"I finally feel like I am connected to myself, who I am, and the direction I’m being led."

Tashina Alley

"The Become Program helped me redefine and re-groove the deeper subconscious parts of my perception; including belief systems, neurological patterns, and behavior, and helped me genuinely respond with more wholesome awareness."

Parker Sherry

Unite with fellow kindred spirits who are deeply devoted to being the best version of themselves, and who will be supportive and empower you to be the best version of yourself too.

Guest Speaker Videos Include:

Caitlyn Howe

Aubrey Marcus Fellowship Coach and Transformation Facilitator

Cory Allen

Author of Now Is The Way and host of The Astral Hustle Podcast

Erick Godsey

Aubrey Marcus Fellowship Coach and Host of The Myths That Make Us Podcast

Kris Gethin

CEO of Kaged Muscle Supplements and Voted Worlds #1 Fitness Trainer

Marty O'Neill

Founder of Drastic Graphics and Expert in Brand Design and Digital Marketing

Mitch Schultz

World renowned Documentary Producer, Film Director, and Educator

Marisa Radha, MA

Psychedelic Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Healing Facilitator

Parker Sherry

Expert Email Writer and Pilgrim on the Path for Higher Consciousness

Claire Spencer

Master Community Builder and Culture Creator for Impactful Communities

Tim Corcoran

Nature Based Vision Quest Guide and Founder of Purpose Mountain

Lance Essihos

Top 50 Ranked Podcast Host of The University of Adversity Podcast

Christian Villacres

Wing Chun Instructor, Acupuncturist, and Holistic Health Coach

About The Author And Guide
- Zerin Beattie


You Are One Insight Away From A Sincere Shift In The Way You Perceive Life

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